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The Diet Solution Program Reviews

The Diet Solution Program Review

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A Balanced and Informative Discussion of the Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program is founded on the premise that an individual can best maintain a healthy weight by eating according to their specific metabolism. The concept is that some foods encourage your body to transform fat and use it up as energy, while others promote the storage of fat. If you consume more of the former foods and fewer of the latter, then you lose unwanted pounds and keep them off.

So, it’s goodbye to the dreaded and unrelenting process of counting calories every time you put something into your mouth. Instead, you just eat the foods that are right for you, and you can eat many of them in large amounts. That way, you remove the stress and monotony associated with diets that focus on cutting out carbohydrates or reducing the intake of fats.

While those diets promote weight loss through altering eating patterns for a limited time, the Diet Solution is about changing the way that someone eats over a prolonged period. It is about fixing damaging habits and ways of thinking. Thus, it claims to achieve permanent results.

When you embark upon the program, you complete a survey that informs you of your metabolic type. You are provided with a manual, which lists, precisely, the foods that you should and should not eat, recipes, plans for daily meals and advice on appropriate serving sizes.

Generally speaking, the focus is on healthy, unprocessed, unrefined foods. Dieters are encouraged to eat whole foods, which have been more or less left in their natural state, such as nuts, fruits and vegetables, grains, oils, fish, meat, poultry and organic eggs. If your body receives nutritious fuel, it is easier to beat cravings and to resist eating the unhealthy foods that contribute to weight gain. Even though your taste buds or an imbalanced internal system might crave sugar and fat, your body really wants vitamins, minerals and complex carbohydrates.

Loss of fat occurs at a reasonably gradual pace, with the program advising an average reduction of between one and two pounds per week. This kind of take-it-slow approach is considered to achieve longer-lasting results than sudden, dramatic crash diets, which tend to starve the body, causing you to binge afterwards. The Diet Solution Program does not involve gimmicks or the consumption of unnatural pills or meal substitutes such as shakes or bars. The argument is that a diet that depends on such items is more about a quick fix than a long-term resolution of weight issues.

While it does, of course, advocate exercise as part of any sensible approach to living, weight and health, the program does not include it directly. The calculations provided in the manual are based only on consumption of food in relation to metabolic type.

However, the creator of the Diet Solution, Isabel De Los Rios, is an expert when it comes to exercise. She actually owns the New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey. So, she doesn’t only write about weight loss, she actively helps people to achieve their goals.

Moreover, De Los Rios has “been through it” herself. As an overweight and under-confident teenager, she decided, at a young age, that she did not want her life to be dominated by carrying around excess weight. She started reading all about nutrition and exercise, which led her to Rutgers University, where she studied exercise physiology. Later on, she gained a Certificate as a Specialist in Strength and Conditioning and a second Certificate as a Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach.

De Los Rios has now been promoting her program for more than ten years. Individuals who take on the program can also become members of her site, where they can access her blog. Having worked as a counselor and personal trainer, De Los Rios knows how to provide advice. Her blog features a wide range of additional information, including tips, videos, extra recipes and personal messages.

She also dedicates quite a lot of time to writing about exercise. Given that this does not comprise a significant section of the manual, its presence on the blog is extremely helpful to many dieters. Any exercise certainly speeds up the weight loss process and promotes discipline when it comes to healthy eating.

Moreover, the blog is one of the aspects of the program that prospective dieters find attractive because it presents the opportunity to be part of a community. Being able to communicate with others in a similar position can often provide encouragement and inspiration and the interaction enabled by the blog can help to counter loss of confidence, one of the most common and serious afflictions suffered by people with weight problems.

Many positive Diet Solution reviews have been published by satisfied customers. Some of them claim that, after spending years and years crash dieting and taking supplements and pills, the program finally helped them to resolve their weight loss problems. They argue that the focus on eating natural, wholesome foods and the concern with developing a healthy mental attitude and taking a sustained approach enabled their success.

Some of the Diet Solution program reviews say that, before attempting it, they were extremely tired of going to the gym and struggling with difficult and taxing exercise schedules. They state that one of the attractive aspects of the program is that, while exercise is promoted, it is not absolutely necessary to starting. This made them feel as though they had a higher chance of sticking with it.

Some people that have written the Diet Solution reviews acknowledge a few of its negative aspects. One of these is that prospective purchasers of the eBook should remember that, at the end of the day, the program will only work if they are able to exercise a significant amount of discipline and willpower. The program has been marketed very widely and in a highly charged fashion, which might give some consumers the impression that it is offering a quick answer, but this is not actually the case. Reading Diet Solution reviews can be helpful if you want to access first-hand experiences and opinions regarding the program.

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