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The Diet Solution Program Reviews
Last Updated: August 1, 2014
Shedding unwanted weight can be challenging for just about anyone. Whether you are trying to get in shape to look your very best or to simply fit into your old college clothes, losing weight is often the most difficult thing any of us could do.

If you have spent any time online, you have probably heard of several popular "weight loss" programs that make any number of claims of losing all the weight you want with minimal effort. But which one actually leads to significant fat loss?

Certainly, picking the right weight loss program can determine your ultimate success or failure in looking your best. In addition, the wrong dieting program might even be harmful to your health, leading to injury or even more weight gain! With so many programs being very expensive and ineffectively based only on "hype" or "popularity," we know that choosing the right program can be very challenging.

Fortunately, there has been an explosion of high quality online weight loss programs that have significantly reduced the need for expensive professional trainers and personal nutritionists. With so many comprehensive weight loss programs online that are all competing for your business, many consumers can find affordable programs taught by well-seasoned weight loss trainers and diet experts.

Yet, determining which program is the best and most effective can be difficult and overwhelming. Of course, you probably want to know which one actually works and leads to long term weight loss, health, and true fitness. We know that we certainly did.

So we decided to examine the top 15 popular diets on the market today and determine which one was the very best by using relatively straight forward criteria: actual pounds lost, inches lost off the waist, and whether the program was easy to use.

For over eight months we assessed these top dieting programs with the help of dozens of enthusiastic volunteers. Overall, we were quite impressed with our findings, but in the end, only settled on one program for our top recommendation.

Again, we reviewed the 15 best weight loss programs using the following criteria:

  • Weight Loss - How much real weight loss was experienced?
  • Inches Lost - How many total inches were lost?
  • Ease of Use - Was the weight loss program easy to use?
The Diet Solution Review

Rating 10/10

Weight Loss
Inches Lost
Ease of Use

"The best online weight loss program..."

After reviewing the top 15 online weight loss programs we found that the Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios was our top choice.

To be sure, several other diet programs had come very close to the number one spot, but the Diet Solution and its effective weight loss strategy, supporting materials, easy-to-use format, and ability to generate effective results for all of our volunteers, are among the many reasons this program took the top prize.

First let's talk about weight loss. While other diets usually claim a dieter's initial weight loss as a success, it's often clear that the weight loss is actually the result of a loss of water. This isn't so with the Diet Solution, which goes way beyond any of the programs we have seen. The weight loss is real fat.

The Diet Solution addresses the physical, emotional, nutritional areas that we should all focus on to lose the weight we want, unlike the truth about abs book. And it also includes essential information and strategies for each individual blood type and its effect on dieting. In fact, we feel confident recommending a program that addresses the real weight loss needs for each individual blood type in order to deliver far greater success than any other program could do.

While the Diet Solution is packed with exercises for fitness, it's actually a diet program and not a fitness program. Nevertheless it delivered excellent weight loss results that we wanted to see in a top diet program.

The weight loss was unquestionable under the Diet Solution. In a 30-day analysis, healthy weight loss was seen by nearly 100% of participants and the weight loss ranged from 13 - 17 lbs. After 60-days our participants had lost an average of 23 - 33 lbs.

Another factor that we looked at was the inches lost off the waist. After all, when you commit yourself to a program for real weight loss, you also want to see significant changes when you look in the mirror, right? Here again, we were impressed with the results. Many of the participants experienced a few inches (1-3) in the first month and several inches (3-4) when we checked back at 60 days.

In addition to the weight and inches lost, we also wanted to ensure that the program was easy to use before we would recommend it to anyone. From experience, we know that the easier the program is to use for longer periods of time, the more effective it will be. The Diet Solution was so easy to use, none of our volunteers dropped out.

Finally, though not in our official analysis, we noticed that many of our participants experienced a significant increase in energy and just felt better and happier overall, similar to what we have seen before with the Paleo recipe book.

Due to its significant ability to help people interested in losing weight, the Diet Solution is our top recommendation.

The Verdict: Significant weight loss, inches off the waist, and easy-to-use program.

Which diet is right for you? We recommend The Diet Solution
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